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    Our Aim


1.Provide student  opportunities including missions to the unreached people and communities. These ministry times will also incorporate reaching out to the poor, the sick and the oppressed.

2.Facilitate fellowship among students and those associated with other  youth ministries.

3.Encourage students in God's work through evangelism,missionary works,tracts sharing,campus witnessing,personal retreat and camp meetings.

C. Our Objectives

A.To provide educational programmes for orphans and other vulnerable children in,our communities,and support the provision of safe and clean water.
To educate the kids for the prevention of Malaria,and other diseases thats affects them through ignorance.


B.To advocate for the rights of children mainly through sentisization and advocacy with community leaders and liasion officers,serminars,workshops and radio programmes about children rights.

C.To initiate support and promote programmes concerned with provisions of relief aid,rehabilitation and development for children.

D.To preach the gospel of Christ to the lost

E.To encourage and provide means to improve on the upbringing of children and minimizing the incidence of juvenile delinquency.

F.To promote health care and environmental protection schemes children, link up with government, non-government organizations and community based organizations to carry out effective delivery of services and to sensitize the children about HIV/AIDS and its prevention.

Our mission, goals,objectives set forth our philosophy of the foundation. This, in turn, must form the foundation for our thinking and activities as a body of people. It directs us in what we ought to be doing. Anything which does not contribute to this philosophy of our mission, goals and objectives should then be either corrected, rejected or alleviated from the activities of the foundation.

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