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Distribution:  We started distributing the food to various Orphanage Homes, Churches, Organization, Individuals, Volunteers and Families, on 15thMarch 2010.We are in partnership with them to give them regular resupply of food and other items to ease the pressure in their home anytime we have enough food and other items to donate or distribute. Also I will be visiting them and offer them free counseling, career counseling, training and spiritual support as needed, as part of our contribution towards national development and building a better society with good future leaders. King James Foundation also work hand in hand with this organization to fulfill its mandate and vision by given them all necessary assistance needed from us.

Monitoring and Supervision:  The King James Foundation team is responsible for monitoring and supervising all the activities of the feeding program to make sure the children are well fed and growing healthy. Reports and photographs have been requested by the KJF from each partner to submit to us for assessments, evaluation, and progress of the program. Rev.James S.Mensah will regularly visit each home in every month to see how the children are been fed and their progress and offer free counseling and services to the children and all the staff and volunteers working to support this program.

Country-Side Children’s Welfare Home Feeding Report

   We were invited by Rev.James Mensah on the 15th March 2010 to come for some of the Kids Against Hunger rice casserole for our children. We arrived at the warehouse in the morning about 10:00 am and after a short briefing and some discussions concerning the food, we agreed to partner and participate.

We were given 50 boxes of Kids Against Hunger foods by Rev.James Mensah. We started cooking for our kids in our home that same day, and saw that it was good for them. At first, some of the kids did not want it as they have never tasted something like this before in their life, but later they all started enjoying it. We have over 100 kids in our home with eight staff. The food has been a great blessing to us.


There was one male child who was very weak and could not stand up, walk, and talk properly, but after feeding him with the KAH food for some period, he started making efforts to stand up with little support, and now he can walk and talk, praise God.

All our children started growing fine and healthy with sharp minds to read and understand what they read; indeed, it’s really a food against hunger and a mental recycling medicine.

It is our hope of prayer that this programme would continue to reach other children who are affected by malnutrition, anemia, and kwashiorkor both near and far for sound and healthy growth of our children.


Submitted By:

Mr. Osei Owusu


Sign: owusuosei




On 10th March 2010, a food programme was organized and forms were brought to the Home to be filled after the forms were filled, the King James Foundation led by Rev.James Solomon Mensah gave us 50 boxes of Kids Against Hunger foods.

The food was cooked and given to the children in the home especially the malnourished kids. The first group that tasted the food is babies and toddlers. Photos were taken on how the kids were before they started eating the food and after also. The food has been very nutritious food where some of the food were even grinded into powder form and used as porridge for the kids.

The Kids really enjoyed the food and the management itself could see a lot of dynamic changes and improvements.

Testimonies: All the kids that were sick recovered within the third week of taking the food and started putting on more weight. It was observed that the food helped the kids a lot and the malnourished ones put up weight that when you see them now you will be very happy and the kids that were very sick, would not talk, walk recovered quickly and now can walk and talk properly.

Another miracle that happens was, our monthly spending on hospital payments were drastically reduced to 1% instead of 80% within first five months we started feeding the kids with Kids Against Hunger Foods.

A boy with HIV/AIDS who could to do anything due to body weakness and other weaknesses can now do all things after eating the food. Energy is restored.

Lastly, we can say the feeding program has been really helped the Royal Seed Home very much, and in so many ways as follows:



1. Instead of spending money to buy bags of rice for the kids, the money was saved to do different projects, because the children eat 2 bags of rice at a cost of $150 UD Dollars for morning, afternoon, and in the evening they eat local food like Banku.

2. Going to Hospitals regularly stops this season because of the Kids Against Hunger Foods.

3. All malnourished children grew very healthy and nicely and mentally strong.


We appreciate King James Foundation and the Kids Against Hunger for creating such avenue and opportunity for the poor, orphans, wick, weak and the malnourished kids in Ghana to have a better life today.

We hope and pray that this program will continue and never stops so many lives can be always change and transformed for better living. Hope to receive more foods in next supply.


Submitted by.

Mrs. Naomi Esi Amoah

Founder / President of the Home

 Sign: esinaomiamoah



God’s Solid Foundation Ministry-Free Feeding Program Report

On the 15th March 2010, Rev.James S.Mensah invited us to come for free food to be given to our children and people of Ashongman Estate Community. We were so glad when we got the news because we were facing severe hunger and most of our children in the church stopped coming to Church even parents.

We went for the food and on the 17th March 2010, and we were given 200 boxes of the Kids Against Hunger Food. We started cooking the food in the evening around 5pm and on that day we had 90 children who came to eat the food and 30 parents, 20 youth and young adults. The foods were good, and those who came around went about broadcasting about the free food program which causes a tremendous increase in our next feeding day.

We cook the food every Thursdays, Saturday and Sunday, and by so doing our dying church has received multiple increases from 10 members to 56 Adults and 120 children within 5 months. The food came at the right time to relieve us from starvation and hunger.

Ever since we started the feeding program we have seen multiple changes in our membership, offerings, tithes, and financial increase. Our Sunday school department also had increase in number within short period of time because of the free feeding.


Testimony:       , Some of the children who were weak, and cannot walk properly nor talk well started walking and talking properly after eating the food for one month. It was surprised to hear the children saying they can now remember anything they learn from School and at Church, which they used to forget. Those with kwashiorkor and anemia are now healthy and strong. There was a little boy who cannot do anything excerpt his mother carried him up and down all the time, after eating the food for two weeks continuously he started walking to the glory of God. We thank King James Foundation and Kids Against Hunger for making it possible for us to have access to free food.

We pray this program continues and never cease as many kids will die and suffer incase this program stops. We asked Kids Against Hunger and King James Foundation to continue the program to save many lives in Ghana. We pledge that we shall support these Organizations with much prayer and fasting for God to open doors and provide all the financial needs for enable them to sustain the program.


Submitted by:

Pastor. S.K. Asante—Associate Pastor


Sign: kwamesamuel


 Grace Fellowship Church-Report

On the 1st of August 2010,the King James Foundation, led by Rev.James S.Mensah came to Juaben, in the Ashanti region to discuss free feeding and educational programs with us and after the meeting we agreed to partner with him and his organization to start the program. Our church had 80 Adults on Sundays and 40 Kids on Sundays Church Service. We had opportunity to go around town to do evangelism and by the grace of God we were able to save some kids and adults. We started sharing some few educational materials brought in by Rev.James S.Mensah, Books, Pencils, and Office Files for Teachers, and other materials.

He came with Kids Against Hunger Foods also to be prepared for all the kids. We organized one week revival with Him and at the end of the program which was 8th August 2010,our Church attendance increased from 120 to 310, we had 210 kids and 100 adults because of the feeding program.

We thank God for Kids Against Hunger and King James Foundation, and also Rev.James S.Mensah for bringing such a wonderful program to Juaben in times like this where high level of poverty, hunger and malnourished is killing many people here. We are grateful.

We believe that this program will save many lives and bring more people to Christ as we have already seen signs of it.



          Church attendance was great, as it increased from 120 to 310 in just one week after feeding both kids and parents. We saw joy, hope, happiness and life changing faces during the program. Hope has been restored.

God bless

Rev.Joseph K.Wayo. Sr.Pastor

Grace Fellowship Church, Juaben Ashanti




Challenges:  There has been lot of challenges faced during distribution and cooking the food for the kids. Some of the challenges are as follows:

  1. Transportation cost is very high.
  2. Cost of hiring men to load and offload the food from truck.
  3. Research of quality organizations and creating new centers for distributions.
  4. Cost of cooking the food, logistics, volunteers salaries, gas, plates, water and transport, as we spend $150 weekly for this only.
  5. Port Challenges of national security trying to resist and delay the food at port.
  6. Lack of funding or financial support to ease tension mount on us weekly.
  7. Cost of monitoring, errands, visiting various feeding centers at various towns and villages.
  8. Children finding it very difficult to eat the food at first stage, until much education have been done and experiments shown to them before accept and eat.
  9. Lack of official vehicle or car to move around which make it difficult for us and cost lots of money on transportation daily.


                           Distribution Centers:

  1. Royal Seed Home----148 Kids—12 Staff----------------55 Boxes of KAH Foods.
  2. Country-Side Children’s Welfare Home—100 Kids—8, Staff------50 Boxes of KAH Foods.
  3. SOS Children Village Home, have 3 homes------Tema Village, Asiakwa Village, and Kasoa Village--550 Kids---over 50 Staff--200 Boxes of KAH Foods. Community distribution areas; Dawhenya, Mataheko, Kakasunaka, Gbetsile all in the Greater Accra region; Bunso, Asiakwa, Segyemasi in the Eastern region and Kambonayili, Datonayili and Dungu in the Northern region. 


  1. Life Channel Child’s Care--------50 kids------4 Staff -------15 Boxes of KAH Foods.
  2. God’s Solid Foundation Ministry---200 Kids----9 Staff ---200 Boxes of KAH Foods
  3. Mankomeda Village-----150 kids, 50 selected adults---25 Boxes of KAH Foods
  4. Good Shepherd Orphanage Home---20 kids—4 staff----4 Boxes of KAH Foods
  5. Builsa District in the Northern Region-Upper East. Hon.Alhassan Azong, MP for Builsa South---30 Boxes of KAH Foods, Hon. Timothy Ataboadey MP for Builsa North---20 Boxes of KAH Foods.
  6. Dr. Clement A. Apaak for Bolgatanga-------12 KAH Foods Boxes.
  7. Women’s Refuge and Child Survival-Africa----------54 Kids—10 Staff----80 Boxes of KAH Foods.

Volunteers:   Ellen-Sofie Nielsen, Egeskovvej 29 8800 Viborg.   Malin Heiden, Solvaenget 26, 7470 Karup J., Marilyn Rojas, 9500 Wilshire blvd Beverly Hills, Ca 90212

  1. Hiamankyene Community in the Eastern Region of Ghana----168 Kids, 50 Adults— 10 Boxes of KAH foods.
  2. Juaben Community town in the Ashanti Region of Ghana---150 Kids were given free foods----30 Boxes of KAH Foods.
  3. Joy FM Easter kids kitchen soup program-Accra Community---over 1,000 kids, we donated 10 Boxes of KAH Foods and Cash of GHC.20.00.
  4. God’s Academy Ministry Church, Abeka Community------50 kids, 40 adults, we donated 60 boxes of KAH Foods.
  5. All laborers, workers, volunteers, and staff have received one box each as an incentive for their time and energy put to make sure we have successful program. We hired 10 persons, to go with us at the Tema Port to help offload and support us to offload again to the warehouse. There are 10 volunteers at our church cooking the food for the kids every week and other staff at various orphanage homes. Total food given to the hired persons and volunteers are 20 + 20 -----40 boxes
  6. Rev.James S.Mensah also took five boxes of KAH Foods for himself and family.

Distribution is still ongoing as more organizations, churches, orphanage homes and communities are showing much interest and need the food badly.

 Food Received-----20 pallets-----660 Boxes+ 5 pallets.

Total pallets received are 20, which is 660 Boxes plus extra 5 pallets.

 The food is truly highly nutritious and healthy for human consumption. It builds both the immune system and mental development. 

Margaret, US Navy Capt.Cindy Thebaud, and James

Rev.James feeding kids at his Church.KAH Foods.

LTJG.Dan Day US Navy and Owen


Rev.James at Food Warehouse

Aunty Philo sharing the food for the kids

Kids line up to collect their food

You can support us to reach the unreached by giving or donations or, used and unused clothing, materials, books, stationeries materials, Computers, School Bus, Reading books, Money, and or anything that can make someone happy and smile in life. Contact us and we will be happy to work with you, to save others from poverty and lack., and gives them a better future is our priority.

These rejected and abandoned once needs your supports and assistance, just a little drop will make them smile and say thank you. What u will throw away today can make someone happy tomorrow, what you reject if giving to someone ,can make him/her a happy person. Think about this. Do good and your light will shine always.(Ish.58.6-12)

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