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The Vision

The main vision is to raise a starndard for the homeless people in the society and communities who has been abandoned , rejected and neglected. Since year 2000  we have been working hard to feed,clothe,shelter, assist,help,finance,rescue,and bring health in there unfortunate once lives from our own pocket without any help or assistance from anybody or organization.We operate on welfare basis. We make sure that the these children welfare are well taken care of.We are concern about their health,education,spiritual growth,emotional and physical well being.

We distribute foods,clothes,educational materials,healthy medicines and drugs,shoes,electronic and other electrical home use appliances,computers,and other good use for healthy purpose materials to these orhpans and leprosy victims. We monitor every goods that goes out from our hands to these orphanageand leprosy victims homes,centers and places,to make sure they have reached and they have received them safetly.

We don't run orphange and leprosy home base where we keep children,but our vision is their welfare. Taking care of their welfare is our responsibility.

We work with other Orphanage and leprosy homes,Centres,Organizations,Communities, and other Homes where our services are needed and also on resquest.

We also render health care  supports and assistance to Leprosy victims and sick people who does not have strenght and the priviledge to work for survival.We make sure that they also are smiling and are happy,despite their disabiulities and unableness to live a better life for themselves.

                            Mission Target

Our mission target is base on the welfare of all this victims who does not have the priviledge to enjoy nature and its pleasures. Living in poor life and abject poverty.

Its our passion nd heart felt to help and assist with the fullness of our capacity as the Lord help's us in our needs and supplies.

                    What we do

1. We distribute foods,medicines and healthy drugs for victims and less priviledged once in most poorest communities,and disaster victims.

2. We distribute clothes,shoes,educational materials,and other materials that makes this people happy and smile.

3.We help them to find good shelter and also feel comfortable and have peace of mind for their developments and studies,as well as their growth.


Child Adoption: If you are interested to adopt a child in Ghana,please contact us and we will give you all legal details about how to get your son or daughter adopted. Also if interested to sponsor any orphan,needy child,or a child from orphanage home,please let us know so we can take you through the process and precedures. We are legal and will deal with you base on legal application,no child trafficking business will be tolerated . Contact us today for your Child adoption or sponsorship. READ THE FOLLOWING. Is Ghana Right for You? Estimated Ghana Adoption Timeframe Completion of Homestudy: 1 to 4 months USCIS Pre-Approval (I-171h): 1 week to 5 months (dependent on your state’s office) Compilation of Ghana Dossier: 1 to 4 weeks Dossier Complete to Referral: can be immediate for children over 5, or several months wait for children under 3. Referral to Dossier Submission: 1 month Adoption Process: 3 to 6 months Post-Adoption Process: 1-4 weeks (passport, birth certificate) Immigration Process: 1 week to 6 months (according to USCIS) but estimated to be 1 to 12 weeks in reality Total Estimated Timeline for Ghana: 8 to 24 months (the program is too new to give a more specific timeframe) The Ghana Adoption Process: Phase I: Collecting Paperwork! Family decides they would like to adopt from Ghana and contacts social worker to begin working on the homestudy. Family applies to and contracts with Ghana placement agency. Family files form I-600a with their local USCIS office. Family receives approved homestudy and sends it to local CIS office to complete I-600a file. Family receives approval of form I-600a (usually numbered I-171h) Prepare the Dossier for Ghana with your placement agency’s assistance. Phase II: The Adoption Process Dossier is sent to Ghana. Dossier documents are prepared for court. Child referral is given to family (anytime after you receive I-600a approval)! Social Welfare conducts a medical and social investigation on the child to be adopted. This is when the child becomes legally (rather than informally) available for adoption. Dossier is filed in court and court date is requested. Court date! Either final adoption decree (usually) or 2 year interim adoption (very rarely) is ruled. With an adoption decree, your referred child now has your last name as his/her own! Phase III: Before you can Travel Team in Ghana applies for your child’s new birth certificate. Team in Ghana applies for your child’s Ghanaian Passport. Form I-600 and supporting documents are filed with the US Embassy in Ghana by a representative. USCIS in Ghana determines whether or not a “field investigation” needs to be done in order to gain I-600 approval (this process could go as quickly as 1 week or take as long as 6 months). I-600 approval is awarded and the Embassy invites you to travel to Ghana for the visa interview! Phase IV: Travel! Travel to Ghana to receive your child! Attend the Immigrant Visa Interview early in the week. Pick up your child’s Immigrant Visa (IR-4) on Friday. Travel home with your newest addition! Phase V: Post-Adoption Complete 3 required post placement visits (6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months) Because your adoption was completed by proxy (you weren’t at the court date) you will need to readopt your child in your state of residence. File to receive your child’s US Passport and/or Certificate of Citizenship, and Social Security Number. Consider sending yearly reports to your child’s orphanage so that the staff and any living birth family can follow the progress of your child’s development. Ghana Dossier Checklist: All documents, unless otherwise noted, must only be certified copies, or notarized. No apostilles or authentications are required! Approved International Homestudy (notarized) Original Certified Copy of Birth Certificates Original Certified Copy of Marriage Certificates (if any) Original Certified Copy of Divorce Decrees (if any, singles only) Power of Attorney (notarized) Financial Statement (notarized) Tax Returns from Previous Year (first two pages only, signed) “True Copy” Affidavit for Tax Return (notarized, attached to tax returns) Medical Letter (notarized) Employment Letter (notarized) Photocopy of USCIS I-171h (no notarization required) Ghana Legal Adoption Form (no notarization required) Photocopy of Passport Photo Page (no signatures required) Family Photo Page (no signatures required) Ghana: Requirements and Regulations It is important to note that in Ghana the adoption process may vary slightly from one region to another, and sometimes from one attorney to another. Ghana adoptions are conducted according to the Children’s Act of 1998 (Act 560). There are two ways an international family may adopt from Ghana—through the domestic adoption law (subsection 67), or the international adoption law (subsection 85). Under the domestic law families are expected to foster the child for at least 3 months (or provide foster care by another family) and then a final adoption decree is almost assured. In contrast, families may adopt under the international adoption law, which does not require fostering. However, families adopting through the international adoption law may, at the discretion of the judge, either be given a permanent adoption decree OR a 2 year interim adoption. The 2 year interim adoption does not seem to be a common ruling, but all adoptive parents need to be aware that the judge does have the power to grant a 2 year interim adoption (which may prohibit the child from entering the United States). General Regulations: Couples may adopt. It seems that singles will also be allowed to adopt, at the judge’s discretion. Minimum age of 25 to adopt, and the applicant must be at least 21 years older than the child to be adopted. Family must be approved to adopt from their home government (approved homestudy). No restrictions on family size, medical issues, weight, or other disabilities as long as the family is able to provide for the child to be adopted. Children newborn to 16 year may be adopted. Unrelated children may be adopted at the same time. Before a child is legally free for adoption the Regional Department of Social Welfare conducts an investigation into the child’s social history. As part of this investigation all known living family members (including distant family members and sometimes the village chief) are called to a meeting where the child’s entire family must agree to the adoption plan. Note: This investigation happens AFTER a child is initially referred to a family. Estimated Total Cost for Ghana Adoption Paperwork Fees: Homestudy Fees: $500 to $3000 (dependant on your state and social worker) USCIS I-600a fees: $545 USCIS fingerprinting fees: $70 per adult over 18 in the household Notarization and Certified Copies: $0 to $100+ TOTAL Paperwork: $1115 to $3785 Agency Fees: Application Fee: $125 Program Fee: $4500 Foreign Fee: $5550 (or more, depending on attorney and region) o Each related child adopted at same time: $2050 (subject to change) o Each unrelated child adopted at same time: $3050 (subject to change) TOTAL Agency: $10, 175 (for one child) Immigration Fees: US Visa Fee: $380 **Additonal I-600 Fee: $545 (only applicable if adopting unrelated children, paid for the additional child(ren))** TOTAL Immigration: $380 (one child) Travel Costs: Airfare: $1000 to $2500 for each traveling adult (varies by time of year) Child Airfare: 10% to 90% of adult fair (dependant on age) Hotel: $30 to $70 per day (7 days) Food: $20 per adult per day (7 days) Transportation----by Choice TOTAL Travel: $1750* or more(one adult, low end) to * (one adult, high end) *Plus child’s airfare Post Adoption Costs: 3 required post-placement visits: $300 to $1000 (varies by state and social worker) Re-Adoption in the US: $200 to $2000 (varies by state and attorney) TOTAL Post-Adoption: $500 to $3000 TOTAL ESTIMATED COST: $13,530 (low) to 20,470 (high) --------------------------------------------------------------------

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